* * Pictures from "Mockingbird Don't Sing" * *
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Pictures from the making of "Mockingbird Don't Sing"
Enjoy many candid moments from the movie.
Tarra's dad, rock drummer Judd Steele, captures the experience in this pictorial.

Tarra in an interview with 'BRAVO'

Tarra's morning routine: An hour of transformation by 3 make-up artists.

Tarra getting a final touch-up before shooting the scene.

Left to Right: Joe Regalbuto (actor), Tarra, and Jim Hanson (executive producer)

Sean Young and Tarra pose for a picture.

Tarra with her 'Mockingbird' mother, actress Kim Darby.

Tarra with long-time Manager, Janis Hansen.

Tarra and Academy Award Nominee, Michael Lerner

Tarra takes a break!

Director/Producer Harry Bromley-Davenport and Tarra

Wow! This is what you call a 'Big Wheeler'!

Tarra and Co-star Melissa Errico

Tarra on the door step of her

Tarra with Publicist Brian Berkenfeld.

More make-up!!!

Table full of food and the remote control...
What could be better?

'Katie' was bound and locked into a crib at night.

Tarra's ready for her car scene

Tarra taking a break in her favorite purple chair.

Tarra waiting patiently inside the car.
In the background, Sean Young on the phone and Joe Regalbuto

Tarra and Sean Young

Tarra during an interview with GM-TV, Britain's #1 morining show.

Tarra had to do this scene high on top of a ladder
so the director could capture the right angle

Left to Right: Michael Lerner, Tarra and Melissa Errico

'X' marks the spot!